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We hear that you are searching for buyers of Women's Clothing.  Is that true?  If yes, we have a few suggestions for you...

As a fashion designer, you may find that it is easier to design and manufacture clothing then it is to find "buyers" to purchase the clothing that you create.  Well, do not get discouraged.  Furthermore, do not feel that you are alone.  Finding buyers for clothing is one of the most difficult challenges in the fashion industry.  Even if you own or license very popular brands, it is not always easy to find a buyer for your fashionable creations.

One way to find women's clothing buyers is to browse the internet for women's clothing stores.  You can then contact the stores and ask them to provide you with information on the buyer contacts.  However, if you are trying to obtain the buyer names, buyer e-mails address or buyer phone numbers for the large department stores, you may find the task a bit challenging.  If you are having a difficult time receiving the proper contact details, you may wish to purchase a salesman buyers guide.  The salesman buyer guides are typically updated on a regular basis to make certain that the contact details for women's store buyers are up to date and correct.  Granted, all of the books may have a few errors, but for the most part they are kept well up to date.  Keep in mind that clothing store buyer details change often so it is common to encounter a few details that are out dated.  The reality is that buyers change quicker then buyer guides can be printed...

If you wish to contact clothing stores without the use of a buyers guide, you can search the categories of the women's clothing store directory.  From these categories of women's fashion, you will find stores that sell those particular garments.  You can then contact these retailers to find out the contact information for the store buyers.

  •  Bloomers
  •  Bridal Apparel - Wedding Clothing
  •  Clubwear / Exotic Clothing
  •  Corset - retail stores selling corsets
  •  Dresses - stores selling prom dress, wedding dress etc.
  •  Exercise Clothing Stores - Fitness Apparel
  •  Furs - retailers selling fur clothing
  •  Halters - store directory
  •  Handbag Stores Selling Handbags or Purses
  •  Hosiery, Lingerie & Underwear
  •  Kimono Retail Stores
  •  Maternity Clothing Stores
  •  Outerwear Store Directory
  •  Petite Size Clothing Stores
  •  Plus Sizes Clothing Stores
  •  Salwar - Saree Retailers
  •  Sarongs Retail Stores
  •  Shawls - Scarves Retail Stores 
  •  Shoes for Women - women's shoe stores
  •  Sleepwear Stores for Women's Pajamas etc.
  •  Sorority Clothing Stores Directory
  •  Swimwear Stores for Women's Swimsuits
  •  Urban Clothing Retailers
  •  Women's Clothing & Junior's Clothing Stores
  •  Yoga Clothing Stores

Look for women's apparel buyer guides at the Fashiondex Book Store.  You also can check out the Fashion Books website.

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