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  Apparel Industry BuyersIf you wish to be a fashion industry buyer, you need to learn about fashion.  Now, it is important to understand that "Apparel", "Fashion", and "Clothing", are rather synonymous.  Therefore, if you wish to become an expert on fashion, you also want to have a full understanding of apparel.

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So, where should we go to learn more about apparel and the apparel industry.  In my opinion, the first place to learn about the apparel industry would be the Apparel Search website.  You can find this site at or simply click this link to apparel.

Read the apparel definition to learn more about this term.  You can find relevant terms at the apparel glossary or the fashion terms section on Apparel Search.


Did you know that you can follow apparel on twitter?  It is true.  Check out Apparel on Twitter.  By the way, please do not accidentally spell "apparel" wrong.  It is NOT apparal.

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